Bhutila Karpoche is fighting for Parkdale—High Park and is our champion at Queen’s Park.

An epidemiologist by training, she is a public health researcher and community organizer with deep roots here.

As our MPP, Bhutila:

  • is a hardworking problem solver
  • has tabled more bills than any other MPP this term
  • tabled over 160 petitions signed by members of our community
  • hosted more than 20 community town halls and roundtables
  • has been voted Toronto's Best MPP by Now Magazine readers in 2019, 2020, and 2021; Toronto's Best Local Politician by Toronto Star readers in 2019; named one of Toronto's Most Inspirational Women of the year by TRNTO Magazine in 2019; and one of Canada's Top 25 Immigrants by Canadian Immigrant Magazine in 2022.

Determined, pragmatic, and hopeful, Bhutila and the NDP have a plan for a more affordable, fairer, and greener Ontario for all.

Bhutila’s Record

  • Tabled the Rent Stabilization Act, which would stop rent from skyrocketing, and end the current incentive for landlords to unfairly evict tenants just so they can jack up the rent.
  • Tabled the Anti-Money Laundering in Housing Act to crack down on fraud in Ontario's housing market—one of many measures needed to rein in skyrocketing home prices.
  • Pushed hard for the government to make affordable housing a priority, by prioritizing the repair of existing units, commit to building new affordable homes, cracking down on housing speculators, and making rentals more affordable.
  • Stood with tenants at the courthouse to block unfair COVID evictions.
  • Successfully convinced corporate landlords to stop unsafe unit inspections during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Hosted a No Cuts to Education Town Hall to stop Ford’s plan for larger class sizes, fewer resources, less individual attention, and the cancellation of arts, trades, and technology classes.
  • As the Official Opposition Critic for Early Education & Child Care, led the fight for Ontario to sign on to the federal $10/day child care deal
  • Tabled the Early Years and Child Care Worker Advisory Commission Act, which would establish a non-partisan commission to develop recommendations on how to support the early years and child care workforce staffing shortages—including through increased wages and improved working conditions.
  • Pushed for more child care spaces in our community and across Ontario
  • Co-sponsored the Climate Crisis Health Action Act, which would require the government to ensure Ontario is prepared to address current and future health impacts caused by the climate crisis.
  • Co-sponsored the No Time to Waste Act, a comprehensive climate action and jobs plan.
  • Pushed the City of Toronto to implement road safety measures on Parkside Drive.
  • Co-sponsored the Moving Ontarians Safely Act (and previously Vulnerable Road Users Act) to bring in tougher penalties for drivers who injure or kill a pedestrian, road worker, or cyclist.
  • Tabled the Clean Trains Now Act to electrify the Union Pearson Express (which currently runs on dirty diesel), integrate the fares into public transit, and increase capacity on the line for better public transit options.
  • Helped secure $1.1 million in funding for Copernicus Lodge Long-Term Care Home to help them weather the pandemic and protect residents and health care workers.
  • Successfully pushed the Ontario government to provide health care coverage to Ukrainian refugees.
  • Tabled the Maternal Mental Health Act to expand treatment, supports, and awareness of perinatal mental health disorders.
  • Tabled Jennifer’s Act to ensure more medical and assistive devices were exempt from HST to make them more affordable to those experiencing illness or disability.
  • Tabled the Menstrual Health Day Act to proclaim May 28 as Menstrual Health Day to raise awareness of the need for affordable access to menstrual products.
  • Tabled the Right to Timely Mental Health and Addiction Care for Children & Youth Act, to speed up access to mental health services for people aged 26 and younger by capping wait times at 30 days.
  • Co-tabled a bill to proclaim the first Monday in March each year as Black Mental Health Day and to mandate the collection of race-based data and require the provision of culturally appropriate health services.
  • Alongside workers, successfully saved the Ontario Food Terminal and have it designated a provincially-significant employment zone. The Food Terminal employs hundreds of local people and helps ensure continued local access to affordable, quality food.
  • Tabled the Four-Day Work Week Act to implement a pilot project to determine the effectiveness of a four-day work week in Ontario.
  • Successfully helped local Business Improvement Areas (BIAs) secure funding.
  • Helped many local small- and medium-sized businesses secure financial support during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Helped the High Park Nature Centre and the High Park Zoo secure major infrastructure grants
  • Assisted numerous community organizations secure various provincial grants
  • Working with Stone Soup Network, fundraised to buy and distribute 15,000 KN95 masks to food banks, mutual aid groups, and those most in need in our community.
  • Led the charge to make sure big retailers like Walmart and Shoppers Drug Mart weren’t only giving out free rapid tests with purchase.
  • Tabled the Pandemic Preparedness Act to ensure Ontario is better prepared for future public health crises. The bill would guarantee at least 75% provincial funding for local public health unit programs and services and a regular provincial review of pandemic preparedness.

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