On May 10, 2021, Bhutila introduced Bill 289, the Day of Remembrance and Action Against Anti-Asian Racism Act.

Anti-Asian racism is not new, but it is on the rise. Discrimination, harassment and hate crimes targeting Asian people have been on a steady rise. During the COVID-19 pandemic, over 1,150 incidents of anti-Asian racism were reported across Canada, violence against the Asian community has increased, 40% of these racist attacks have happened in Ontario.

Ontario has a responsibility to address the rising tide of anti-Asian racism, fight systemic discrimination and ensure that people in Asian communities across the province are respected, safe and supported. The government must take urgent action, including:

  • pass Bhutila Karpoche's bill to declare May 10th a Day of Action against anti-Asian Racism
  • a province-wide anti-racism strategy that aggressively and specifically addresses the rising tide of anti-Asian hate, acts to dismantle organized hate groups, and fights systemic discrimination
  • a fully-funded, independent and empowered Anti-Racism Secretariat to take the lead on this critical work
  • race-based data collection by all provincial ministries
  • a real COVID-19 equity plan that makes sure the hardest hit communities – including Asian communities, elders, women, small businesses, essential workers and more – get the respect and direct financial support they deserve

Let’s commit to relentlessly fighting Anti-Asian racism in all its forms, everywhere it shows up.

Add your name to demand action on Anti-Asian racism now.

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Let's make May 10 in each year the Day of Remembrance and Action Against Anti-Asian Racism. 

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