In fall 2018, Jennifer Kwong, a constituent of Parkdale—High Park, shared with Bhutila her experience with cancer and the costs for medical supplies. Jennifer was shocked to discover that items that she needed while she was undergoing treatment for breast cancer — and had to pay out of pocket for — were taxed. That included dressings, which help prevent infections, and wigs, which can cost as much as $2,000 before HST.

On April 25, 2019, with Jennifer and Jaymee Maaghop from the Canadian Cancer Survivor Network, Bhutila announced Jennifer's Law, her new bill which seeks to remove the Ontario portion of HST from medical supplies. The bill was tabled on May 2nd.

About the Bill

If passed, the bill will amend the Retail Sales Tax Act to provide for a rebate in respect of the Ontario portion of the HST for medical supplies including:

  • Wigs for individuals who have suffered abnormal hair loss owing to disease, medical treatment or accident and for which a medical prescription has been issued
  • Saliva substitute and artificial saliva
  • Wound care supplies including bandages, compresses, dressings, wraps, wound care creams and saline
  • Batteries for medical supplies

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