Have you heard the Ontario government is reviewing the future of the Ontario Food Terminal? The Terminal is an important economic hub, providing employment for many people living in our riding. Many small businesses rely on the Terminal for access to quality, affordable produce at fair prices.

Despite the integral role the Terminal plays in Ontario's food system, and the fact that it doesn't require public money to operate, we've heard the Terminal might be relocated outside of Toronto.

Moving the Terminal will benefit large grocery chains that have their own distribution network, such as Loblaws. It will hurt smaller businesses, like our independent grocers and restaurants—and our neighbours will lose their jobs.

UPDATE: On the morning of July 8, Bhutila announced her bill to Save the Ontario Food Terminal which, if passed, would designate the land as a provincially significant employment zone. She also toured the facility, speaking with workers and growers.

Shortly after announcing her press conference, the Minister of Agriculture announced that the Ontario Food Terminal will be “staying put”. Credit goes to the workers, growers and the Save the Ontario Food Terminal campaign who pushed back and forced the Ford government to change direction.

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