Update (February 10, 2023): Today, the Commission responsible for Ontario’s federal boundary redistribution published its latest report and they were convinced that the name Parkdale needed to stay in the name of our federal electoral district.

They are accepting our recommendation that our new name be Taiaiako’n—Parkdale—High Park, with Taiaikako’n being added in the spirit of reconciliation to recognize the Haudenosaunee village along the shores of the Humber River.

This is thanks to hundreds of community members like you who signed petitions, wrote in to the Commission, and made deputations at the public hearings.

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The Federal Electoral Boundary Commission proposes including Taiaiako’n as part of our electoral district’s new name. Including Taiaiako’n in the electoral district’s new name recognizes the history of an important Seneca and Mohawk site that was located on the east shore of the Humber River. This is an important change that we support. 

We are concerned, however, by the loss of Parkdale from the new name of the electoral district and instead propose the district be known as Taiaiako’n—Parkdale—High Park.

Established as an independent municipality in 1879, the village of Parkdale was annexed by the City of Toronto in 1899. The federal electoral district of Parkdale was created in 1914, and merged with a neighbouring district into Parkdale—High Park in 1979.

Parkdale is a proud, spirited community with a strong identity and sense of place. This is reflected in the many non-profit, neighbourhood, small business, and community associations with Parkdale in the name and serving the area.

We believe removing Parkdale from the district’s name would be a mistake after more than 100 years of recognition.

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