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Signing a petition is an easy, but effective, way of building support for paid sick days. Signing this petition will also keep you up-to-date on the paid sick days issue, and any developments that come from the Ford government.

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We need paid sick days, and nothing less. Half measures won't cut it for Ontario workers.
I'm organizing with my neighbours to demand the Ford government legislate paid sick days immediately. Join me:

Visibility is key when fighting for an issue. Below are three versions of "Paid Sick Days 4 All" posters that you can print and post in your window. There's even a version for kids to colour in!

Black and White "Paid Sick Days 4 All" Poster PRINT HERE

Orange "Paid Sick Days 4 All" Poster PRINT HERE

Colour-in "Paid Sick Days 4 All" Poster (for kids) PRINT HERE

Premier Doug Ford 

Health Minister Christine Elliott 

Labour Minister Monte McNaughton


Phone script

Feel free to change it up and make it your own.


Hello, my name is __________ and I’m calling _______ because I believe all workers in the province of Ontario deserve paid sick days. 

We have seen that Black, Indigenous and racialized workers in Ontario are disproportionately affected by the lack of paid sick days. No worker should have to choose between keeping themselves and their community safe and putting food on the table. 

I am asking you to immediately listen to public health experts and legislate real paid sick days for all workers in Ontario.

Can I count on you to support Ontario workers?


Email template

Feel free to change it up and make it your own.


Dear Premier Ford, Minister Elliott and Minister McNaughton, 

Ontarians need paid sick days and it is urgent now more than ever. Public health experts agree that paid sick days will be an essential tool to get the pandemic under control. 

65% of GTA workers are doing “essential” work, and an estimated 90% of low-wage workers do not have paid sick days. Work places are by far the largest contributor to the spread of COVID-19. People shouldn’t have to choose between going to work sick and risk infecting others or losing a day’s wages. 

We urge you to immediately act on the following demands:

  • Implement paid sick days for all workers
  • Provide paid time off to get a vaccine
  • Shut down all non-essential workplaces
  • Ensure vaccinations for all frontline workers

The government needs to provide real paid sick leave if they are truly committed to protecting the public. This is the fight to save Ontario. Paid sick days save lives. 


Community organizations from across Parkdale—High Park have come together to send a message to the Ontario government: we need paid sick days for all, now and after the pandemic!

You can add your name here.

Think about who in your life should be brought into the movement. Organizing though personal connections is a great way to build support for paid sick days. Use this worksheet to map out the people around
you that you can talk to about paid sick days for all!

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