NDP raises $1.72 million in the first quarter

TORONTO — In the first three months of 2022, the Ontario NDP raised a whopping $1.72 million.

Between Jan. 1 and March 31, 27,482 donations were made to the party — more than all other parties combined. NDP donations are, on average, just $62.80 per donation.

“Andrea Horwath is the only leader strong enough to defeat Doug Ford, and finally start to fix the things that are broken,” said Ontario NDP Provincial Director Lucy Watson. “The NDP is as little as 10 seats away from forming government. People want homes they can afford and health care without painfully long waits — and they’re rallying together with Andrea to make it happen.”

The NDP’s figures include donations under $200, which are not reported on the Elections Ontario website. The Ontario NDP paid off its last election loan in January 2020 and holds no debt.

According to the Elections Ontario website, Steven Del Duca’s Liberals raised $305,440 since January. Doug Ford’s governing Conservatives raised $3.1 million. Those numbers do not include donations under $200.

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