NDP MPP calls on Ford Conservatives to restore mental health and addictions funding

QUEEN’S PARK — Bhutila Karpoche, Ontario NDP critic for Mental Health and Addictions, released the following statement in the lead-up to the provincial budget Thursday:

"Too many Ontarians are struggling with mental health and additions without the support they need. Children and youth suffering from anxiety and depression are made to wait months for care, and families are being torn apart by the ongoing opioid crisis. 

The Ford Conservatives started taking things from bad to worse by cruelly cutting $330 million in mental health and additions funding. Now, the Conservatives have defunded six overdose prevention sites, which literally save lives.

Ontarians struggling with mental health and addictions need more support, not less. That’s why I asked the Ford government in question period Wednesday if it would stop dragging us backwards, and I urged the government to restore at least the $330 million in mental health and additions funding that it cut in its budget tomorrow.” 

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