Universal Mental Health Care

After two long years living with the pandemic, it’s time we start building an Ontario that is better for everyone. That’s why we want to deliver Universal Mental Health Care, because no one should have to chose between paying for basic necessities and leading a healthy life.

Will you sign?


  • Expand OHIP coverage to include universal mental health care
  • Remove barriers to accessing mental health care, relieve the economic costs of mental illness, and improve well-being for all Ontarians
  • Ensure public access to psychotherapy for approximately 500,000 Ontarians
  • Provide a minimum of six sessions for treatment through OHIP as a first step, rising to 12 sessions — allowing people to start care, and if necessary, move to more complex care
  • Fund primary care doctors, nurses, community health care workers, and social workers to be trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Expand the existing Ontario Structured Psychotherapy Program
  • Introduce legislation that recognizes mental health is as important as physical health and ensures that mental health services are insured through OHIP, whether they are provided in a hospital or a community health centre

Read the details of the full plan here.


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