Being a mother is one of the best things in the world, it's also one of the toughest.

Many mothers struggle with postpartum mental health. It's important that we ensure people don't struggle in silence. Maternal mental health cannot be a luxury.

The Maternal Mental Health Act

On February 25, 2020, following the overwhelmingly positive response of Bhutila's member's statement, she tabled her sixth bill, Bill 176, Maternal Mental Health Act. The Bill proclaims the first Wednesday of May in each year as Maternal Mental Health Day.

The Bill also requires the Minister of Health to conduct a comprehensive review of maternal mental health in Ontario and prepare a Provincial Framework and Action Plan on the issue. As well, the Bill requires the Minister to report to the Assembly periodically about the progress of the review and to table the Provincial Framework and Action Plan in the Assembly.

Update: In April 2021, the Ford government voted down Bill 176.

To everyone who supported this bill, thank you. Whether you signed the petition, contacted the government, or posted online, you have helped immensely. To every mom who shared their story, thank you for your openness and your strength. This fight is far from over.

Add your name to call on the Ford government to support moms across the province and pass the Maternal Mental Health Act.

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