Ford rips support away from young people struggling to quit smoking

QUEEN’S PARK — Bhutila Karpoche, Ontario NDP critic for Mental Health and Addictions, released the following statement in response to news that the Ford government has cut funding to a program that has helped thousands of college and university students quit smoking:

“It’s simply wrong for Doug Ford’s Conservatives to rip support away from young people who want to give up a deadly habit like smoking. This will put young people at greater risk of developing cancer, experiencing heart and fertility problems, and dying prematurely.

Doug Ford continues to drag Ontario backwards on youth mental health and addictions. Earlier this week, Ontarians learned that the Conservatives will spend $69 million less on children and youth mental health services compared to last year.

Young people struggling to give up smoking deserve better. We should be doing more to support youth struggling with mental heath and addictions, not less.”

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