Fixing Our Health Care System

Expanding OHIP

It’s getting harder and harder for Ontarians to get the health care they need. Too many Ontarians wait hours at the ER, wait weeks for a doctor’s appointment, or spend weeks or months waiting in pain and anxiety for a surgery. 

The pandemic exposed just how broken our health care system is, with nurses, doctors and other health professionals chronically short-staffed and run off their feet, unable to give patients the time and attention they need. 

Together, we can fix this. The Ontario NDP has a practical, doable plan to rebuild and strengthen health care in Ontario. 

Bhutila and the NDP are committed to:

  • Universal, publicly funded mental health care and fixing the mental health care system
  • Addressing the overdose crisis in this province
  • Clearing the COVID-19 surgical backlog
  • Working with the federal government to strengthen and accelerate the expansion of dental care
  • Taking immediate action to begin hiring 10,000 PSWs and raising wages
  • Beginning to hiring 300 doctors in Northern Ontario including 100 specialists and 40 mental health practitioners 
  • Working immediately on Universal Pharmacare for Ontarians
  • Protecting and supporting perinatal mental health

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