Start Fixing the Electricity Sector

The cost of everything is going up, and people and businesses are struggling to pay ever-rising hydro bills. 

The Liberals’ decision to privatize Hydro One drove up the cost of electricity for regular families. Doug Ford broke his promise to Ontarians to reduce hydro rates by 12 per cent. Now, Doug Ford’s plan is to spend $118 billion of taxpayers’ money to subsidize hydro while rates keep climbing. The system is broken. 

The Ontario NDP has a robust plan to bring down the price of hydro for families and businesses while at the same time meeting our climate goals and creating thousands of good-paying jobs here in Ontario. 


Expand clean renewable energy: We will expand our hydro capacity, increase affordable renewables – including wind and solar power – improve grid scale storage and make major grid interconnections with Québec and Manitoba to enable cost-effective electricity imports. 


Conserve: The cheapest electricity is the electricity we don’t use. We’ll bring in an ambitious energy efficient building retrofit program to help families and businesses with the cost of retrofitting their homes and lowering electricity bills. We will also bring a conservation-first model to energy planning in Ontario, establishing a single-window of service for energy efficiency and conservation planning, program promotion, delivery and upfront financing. We will also work with businesses to establish lower industrial rates in exchange for conservation policy wins.


Stop privatization and expensive private power contracts: We will strike an expert panel drawing on expertise from jurisdictions across Canada that have kept electricity prices low by focusing on delivering power at cost instead of profit for private providers. The panel will include business and energy workers and it will focus on the best ways to restore public ownership, maintain reliability and affordability. 


Stop waste: We’ll create measures to make better use of Ontario’s wasted off-peak surplus by making it available for the benefit of Ontarians, and we’ll take advantage of innovative new decentralized technologies to better align electricity demand and supply in real-time. 

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